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What is this place?

On this Wikimedia you can find background information on the 29 companies that have recently received a letter from Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth, the Netherlands) desiring an improved climate plan by April 2022. These companies are a cross-section of the bigger polluters active in the Netherlands. Besides the usual suspects like fossil-fuel companies, there are also a number of financers and enablers on this list.

What information can be found on this Wiki?

For every company, there is a company profile. In this profile, general company information is found, as well as specific information about the climate policy, emissions, and targets of the company. Sources of this information are official documents of the companies themselves as well as external information. Most sources are Dutch, but with regard to the international scope of activities of most of the companies, we have decided to create this Wikimedia in English. Depending on whether the company itself or a subsidiary is headquartered in the Netherlands the page will focus on either the company itself or the Dutch subsidiary.

Can I contribute to the pages on this Wiki?

Yes! Everyone is able to contribute to these pages, we very much encourage it. You can join by clicking on 'Account aanvragen' or 'Request account' in the upper right of this page. It is however important that the information you add is in line with our ‘’house rules’’. These entail that information needs to fit within the existing format, is factual, and can be traced through the use of sources. New information also needs to be of added value in comparison to the existing information. To understand the build-up of the format, there is a preview page where the empty format including some advice is shown. This page is called format. We want to invite and encourage everyone who has additional information on these companies to work with us on these company profiles.

Who is responsible for the content of the pages?

Milieudefensie is not legally liable or responsible for improper use of this information, nor is it responsible for the correctness of the information. No legal rights can be deducted from the information on this Wikimedia. This Wikimedia has been set up and is regularly updated on a voluntary basis. Even though we try our best, Milieudefensie cannot guarantee that all information is always up-to-date. There is a limited form of moderation on the pages.


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